Aromatic Chemicals

Product Name Odor
Acetaldehyde Pungent penetrating green herbal leafy
Acetophenone Pungent Sweet.
Acetyl Eugenol Sweet, Clove Like, Balsamic , Fruity.
Acetyl  Iso  Eugenol Spicy & Carnation Long Lasting.
Adoxal Fresh, Floral, Rose, Marine.
Agarwood oil Sweet woody balsamic reminding of sandal strax vetiver
Agrumex Fresh, Floral, Fruity, Woody,Camphoraceous.
Alcohol C - 10 Fatty, Waxy, Floral.
Alcohol C - 10 Acetate Sweet, Fatty.
Alcohol C - 11 Acetate Oily, Sweet, Waxy, Rosy.
Alcohol C - 8 & C - 12 Fatty, Waxy.
Alcohol C - 8 & C - 12 Acetate Rose, Waxy, Sweet.
Alcohol  C -11 (Undecylenic) Oily, Sweet, Waxy, Rosy.
Aldehyde C - 10 Powerful, Waxy, Aldehydic, Orange Character, Citrus Peel.
Aldehyde C - 11 (Iso) Green, Rosy, Powerful, Aldehydic.
Aldehyde C - 11 (Undecylenic) Powerful, Rosy, Citrus, Floral.
Aldehyde C - 11 11 Typical Aldehydic, Clean, Fresh.
Aldehyde C - 12 Lauric Aldehydic, Intense, Woody, Fresh & Clean.
Aldehyde C - 12 MNA Powerful, Dry, Amber, Warm.
Aldehyde C - 12 Nitrile Intense, Fatty, Powerful.
Aldehyde C - 13 13 Powerful, Waxy, Citrus, Grapefruit, Fatty.
Aldehyde C - 14 Fruity, Peach, Lactonic.
Aldehyde C - 16 Super Sweet, Fruity, Rather Heavy, Strawberry Like.
Aldehyde C - 18 Strong Cocnut Like Odour, Cream, Apricot.
Aldehyde C - 19 Fruity-Pineapple.
Aldehyde C - 20 Sweet Fruity, Raspberry.
Aldehyde C - 6 Aldehydic, Fatty, Green, powerful.
Aldehyde C - 7 (Heptaldehyde) Oily, Rancid.
Aldehyde C - 8 Strong, Fatty, Citrus, Bitter, Orange, Rose, Neroli.
Aldehyde C - 9 Strong Fatty, Floral Such As Rose & Jasmine.
Aldron Animalic, Amber Note With Great Powerful Lingering Character.
Allyl Amyl Glycolate Green, Fruity, Pineapple, Galbanum.
Allyl Cyclo Hexyl  Propionate Strong, Fruity, Pineapple, Green, Powerful.
Allyl Cyclohexyl  Acetate Fruity, Dry, Herbal, Green Like Pineapple & Galbanum.
Allyl Heptoate Green, Fruity, Pineapple, Pear.
Allyl phenoxy Acetate Strong, Herbal, Green, Fruity.
Allyl  Caproate Fruity Pineapple Like, Slight Burnt Caramellic, Rum Like .
Alpha Amyl Cinnamic Ald Extra Strong, Floral, Odour Of Jasmine, Lily.
Alpha Damascone Diffusive, Floral, Fruity, Rosy.
Alpha Ionone Floral, Violet, Woody, Fruity.
Alpha Pinene Harsh, Terpene Like, Coniferous.
Amber Fleur ( Iso-E-Super) Woody, Floral, Ambergris.
Amber Solid Strongly , Amber, Balsamic, Musky.
Ambercore Soft, Delicate, Woody Amber Note.
Ambrain Balsamic, Fruity, Ambergris, Labdanum.
Ambrettolide Sweet  Musky Odour, Ambrette Seed Like.
Ambroxan Ambergris, Sweet, Musky.
Amyl Acetate Strong, Penetrating, Fruit, Banana.
Amyl Benzoate Floral, Green, Musk, Amber Balsamic.
Amyl Butyrate Fruity, Sweet, Apricot, Banana.
Amyl Propionate Very Sweet, Fruity, Apricot, Pineapple.
Amyl Salicylate Sweet, Herbaceous, Chamomile, Mild Floral.
Amyl Valerinate Sweet, Fruity, Apple & Banana Like Note.
Amyris Oil Woody, Somewhat Balsamic.
Anethole Sweet, Anise Like, Warm, Herbal, Spice.
Angelica Root Oil Pungent Warm, Musky Earthy Top Notes.
Angelica Seed oil Main Constituent phillandrene that has a fresh light peppery odour
Anise oil Intensely Sweet and clean odour truly reminiscent of the fruit
Aniseed Oil Sweet, Herbaceous, Spicy.
Anisic Alcohol Mild Sweet, Floral.
Anisic Aldehyde Sweet Aromatic, Herbaceous , Spicy.
Anisyl Acetate Sweet, Floral, Fruity, Slightly Balsamic.
Applifine (equivalent To Fructone) Sweet, Apple.
Applitone (Equivalent to Fraistone) Apple, Sweet, Strawberry.
Applitone (Fructone) Fruity Apple, Woody Pine.
Armoise Oil Fresh Camphoraceous, Greenish Sage Rosemary.
Aurantine Floral, Orange Blossom, Neroli, Amber, Oriental.
B.Q.Secondary Leather, Green, Earthy, Amber Woody, Powerful.
Bacdanol Woody-Sandalwood Type, Rose Nuance, Diffusive and Lasting Nature.
Balsam Peru Absolute Rich, Balsamic & Vanilla Like.
Balsam Tolu Absolute Fruity, Floral, Spicy & Balsamic Note.
Basil Oil Sweet Herbaceous, Warm Spicy.
Beeswax Absolute Mild Waxy, Slightly Sweet, Honey Note.
Benzaldehyde Strong Fresh, Sweetish Bitter Almond Like.
Benzoic Acid Virtually Odourless, Acidic Note, Slightly Spicy.
Benzophenone Sweet Aromatic, Slightly Fruity Note.
Benzyl Acetate Sweet Aromatic, Floral Jasmine Like Fruity Stawberry Suggestions.
Benzyl Alcohol Delicate, Sweet Aromatic Floral.
Benzyl Benzoate Mild Aromatic, Somewhat Balsamic Fruity.
Benzyl Butyrate Heavy Fruity, Floral.
Benzyl Cinnamate Sweet, Balsamic.
Benzyl Ethyl Ether Pineapple, Pear.
Benzyl Formate Powerful Fruity Green, Herbaceous - Earthy.
Benzyl Iso Amyl Ether Green, Herbaceous.
Benzyl Iso Amyl Ether Green, Herbaceous.
Benzyl Iso Butyrate FFC Fruity, Floral.
Benzyl Iso Eugenol Spicy Floral ,Rose, Carnation.
Benzyl Methyl Ether Sharp, Rosy.
Benzyl Phenyl Acetate Sweet,Honey, Floral Odor.
Benzyl Propionate FFC Aromatic Floral, Jasmin Connotation.
Benzyl Salicylate Very Faint Sweet Floral, Balsamic.
Bergamot Oil  (Std) Citrus, Fruity.
Bergamot Pure Citrus, Zesty, Bergamot, Green.
Beta Ionone Fruity, Floral, Woody, Orriss.
Beta Pinene Harsh, Terpene Like, Coniferous.
Beta Damascone Sweet , Floral, Fruity, Black Currant, Plum, Rose, Honey, Tobacco.
Birtch Tar Oil Phenolic, Pyrogenic, Burnt, Slightly Herbal, Spicy.
Black Pepper Oil Warm-Spicy, Dry-Woody, Fresh.
Bois Ambrene Forte Diffusive Woody, With Amber Like Note.
Boise de rose Oil Sweet, Woody-Floral.
Bornyl Acetate Strong, Fresh, Piney Odour.
Boswelia Oil (Natural) Strongly Diffusive, Fresh Terpenic , Green Lemon Like.
Brahmanol F Woody, Sandalwood, Slightly Musky, Good Strength & Lasting.
Bromostroyl Strong, Leafy ,Hyacinth Like.
Buccoxime Strong, Herbal, Typical Of Bucco Leaf Oil, Fresh Fruity.
Butyl Butyrate Strongly Fruity, Estery, Green, Pineapple, Banana, Raspberry Like.
Butyl butyryl lactate Sweet-sour butter milk type fruity undertone
Butyl Phenyl Acetate Sweet Aromatic, Honey, Balsamic, Somewhat Fruity.
Cade Oil Rectified Burnt, Leathery.
Calamus Oil Spicy-Woody, Sweet, Tenacious.
Calone 1951 Strong, Sweet, Floral, Fresh marine.
Camphor Oil Herbaceous, Camphoraceous, Medicinal, Somewhat Phenolic Note.
Camphor Powder Fresh, Strongly Camphoraceous, Coniferous.
Cananga Oil Sweet-Floral, Balsamic, Tenacious, Jasmine Like.
Canthoxal Floral, Balsamic, Anisic, Spicy.
Cantryl Pine, Rosemary , Hay Like Tonalities.
Capinone Sweetish-Woody, Cedar, Sandal, Vetivert.
Capric Acid Sour, Fatty, Rancid.
Caproic Acid Fatty, Rancid.
Caprylic Acid Soapy, Cheesy, Fatty Brandy Like After Taste.
Caraway Oil Sweet, Herbal, Spicy, Warm.
Carbitol Mild, Ethereal.
Cardamom Oil Fresh, Terpene, Camphoraceous, Spicy, Peppery.
Carrot seed Oil Sweet, Earthy, Orris, Calamus.
Cashmeron Musk, Woody, Spicy, Floral.
Cassia Oil Strongly Aromatic, Spicy, Characterstic Cinnamon Like.
Castor oil Cosmenic application for cosmetic
Cedar leaf oil Woody, Cedar.
Cedarwood Oil Virginia Woody, Cedar, Smokey.
Cedarwood Oil, Himalayan. Sweetish-Woody, Camphoraceous-Balsamic.
Cedramber Woody, Ambergris, Dry.
Cedrol Crystal Soft, Mild Woody.
Cedryl Acetate Liquid Woody, Cedar, Vetivert Like.
Cedryl Methyl Ether Diffusive, Woody-Sandal, Dry, Ambergris Like.
Celery Seed Oil Diffusive, Warm, Spicy, Sweet.
Cetone V Fruity, Floral Green, Woody, Powerful.
Chamomile Oil Blue Warm, Herbaceous.
Chamomile Oil Roman Fresh, Herbaceous, Somewhat Aromatic, Fruity Floral.
Cinnamic Acid Mild, Soft Spicy.
Cinnamic Alcohol Floral Hyacinth Like, Balsamic, Sweetness.
Cinnamic Aldehyde Strong , Spicy Cinnamon Like.
Cinnamon Leaf Oil A Warm Note Of Cinnamon And A Spicy Burning Taste.
Cinnamon oil Warm recalling both cinnamon and clove
Cinnamon Oil, Bark Diffusive, Warm-Spicy, Sweet.
Cinnamyl act Sweet mild balsamic slightly floral fruity odour
Cinnamyl Butyrate Sweet fruity floral somewhat balsmaic rather heavy
Cinnamyl Nitrile Sweet, Aromatic, Spicy, Cinnamon Like.
Cinnamyl Propionate Fruity floral woody spicy balsamic
CIS - 3 Hexanol Intense, Green, Grassy.
CIS - 3 Hexenyl Acetate Strong-Sharp, Typical Green Odour.
CIS - 3 Hexenyl Salicylate Balsamic, Sweet Green Floral.
Cis 3 Hexyl Benzoate Mild but renacious green herbacious woody odour
Cis 3 hexyl Butyrate Powerful fruity winey green cognac brandy like
CIS Jasmone Strong Jasmine Like Fruity-Waxy.
CIS Methyl Coumarine Vanilla Coconut Tonka-Bean Sweet Aromatic.
Cistus Labdanum Leather Oriental Fougere Mens.
Citral Intensive Fresh Lemon Like.
Citral Di Ethyl Acetal Fresh, Like Lime Lemon, Mildly Green, Herbaceous Nuance, Citrus.
Citral Di Methyl Acetal Citrus, Fresh.
Citronella Oil A Characteristic Fresh Lemony.
Citronellal Strong-Fresh, Rose.
Citronellol Extra Fresh Floral, Natural Rose Like.
Citronellyl Acetate Rose, Fresh, Sharp.
Citronellyl Butyrate Fruity, Rose.
Citronellyl Formate Leafy Green.
Citronellyl Iso Butyrate Fruity,Rose.
Citronellyl Nitrile Lemony, Green, Fresh.
Citronellyl Propionate Fresh, Fruity.
Citronellyl Tiglate Very natural, Leafy, Rosy Geranium, With Balsamic Fruity.
Civet Crystal Animallic, Civet.
Clarysage Oil Herbaceous, Lavender, Grassy, Balsamic Warm Musk.
Clonal Citrus Zest, Peel, Fatty Herbal.
Clove Bud Oil Warm Spicy, Clove, Natural.
Clove Leaf Oil Clove, Spicy, Crude Oil.
Clove oil ,I.P Warm Spicy,Clove Like Woody Feeling.
Corriander Oil Aldehydic, Herbaceous, Slightly Citrusy.
Costus Root Oil Sweet, Woody, Oily, Fatty, Orris, Vetivert, Violet.
Coumarine Balsamic, Nutty, Tonk and Hay.
Cumin seed oil Strong diffusive spicy soft mellow nature
Cuminic Aldehyde Powerful, Pungent, Green Herbaceous, Spicy.
Cyclacet Fruity, Green, Woody.
Cyclo Galbanate Green, Fruity, Fresh Pineapple With Cool Dry.
Cyclo Penta Decalactone Musky, Animallic, Balsamic Note.
Cyclomin Aldehyde Ex . Floral, Muguet.
Cypress Oil Woody, Coniferous, Herbaceous.
D- Lemonene Fresh, Citrusy, Herbal.
D. C. P. D.A Fruity, Green, Woody.
D.M.B.C Floral, Somewhat Fruity, Green, Bergamot, Peach Like.
D.M.B.C.A Fresh Aromatic, Floral Fruity, Green, Peach, Plum, Cherry.
D.M.P.E.C Floral, Green, Muguet, Petal.
Davana Oil Strong, Green Herbaceous, Balsamic Fruity, Sweet.
Decenal 4 Trans Aldehydic, Orange, Green, Floral.
Delphone Powerful,Diffusive And Complex Note Floral & Fruity.
Delta Damascone Fruity, Woody, Floral, Cassis.
Delta Decalactone Fruity Cassis, Floral, Woody.
Di Ethyl Acetal Of Aldehyde C-7 Fresh, Powerful.
Di Hydro Mercenol Citrusy Lime , Freshness  With A Hint Of Lavender.
Di Hydro  Iso Jasmone Strong Sharp, Fruity, Fatty, Floral.
Di Jasmone Floral,Jasmin, Lactonic, Celery.
Di Methyl Acetal Of - Hydroxy Citronellal Intense, Lily Of Valley.
Di Methyl Acetal Of Aldehyde C-7 (Greenal) Fresh, Powerful.
Di Methyl Acetal Of -Hydratropic Ald. (Herbofine) Herbaceous, Leafy.
Di Methyl Anthernilate Orange, Flower, Mandarine.
Di Methyl Benzyl Carbinyl Butyrate Fruity, Plum, Sweet.
Di Methyl Hydro Quanoline Aromatic, Dusty, Earthy.
Di Methyl Octanol Sweet, Floral, Rose Petals.
Di Metol Lavender, Citrus, Fresh, Floral, Woody, Powerful.
Di phenyl Methane Floral rosy geranium type somewhat almond note
Di Phenyl Oxide Sweetish, Sourish, Raw Mango Like, Rosy Mettalic.
Di Proplene Glycol (D.P.G.) Faint, Sweetish.
Di  Ethyl Phthalate Faint Sweetish Odour.
Di  Methyl Acetal Of Aldehyde C-10 Diffusive, Fresh.
Diacetyl Very strong, Sharp Butter Like.
Dil seed oil Sweet herbaceous woody spicy caraway like
Dipentine Fresh, Sweetish Citrusy.
Dorinia Floral, Green, Leafy, Fresh, Rosy.
Drago Jasimia Floral, Rich With A Rich Sweet.
Ebanol Woody, Sandalwood Connotation.
Elemi Oil Terpeny, Woody, Balsamic.
Estragole Sweet, Anise, Herbaceous.
Ethyl Acetate Ethereal, Brandy.
Ethyl Aceto Acetate Intense Apple.
Ethyl Amyl ketone Herbaceous, Spicy.
Ethyl Amyl Ketone Oxime Earthy, Mossy.
Ethyl Benzoate Wintergreen Note, Tarty, Green, Minty, Honey, Slightly Phenolic.
Ethyl Butyrate Banana, Pineapple.
Ethyl Caprinate Oily, Nut Like.
Ethyl Caproate Winey, Apple, Banana.
Ethyl Caprylate Banana, Pineapple.
Ethyl Cinnamate Sweet, Fruity, Cinnamon, Woody.
Ethyl Formate Rum Like Odour.
Ethyl Heptoate Wine, Brandy,Berry Like .
Ethyl Laurinate Oily, Leafy, Flowerpetal.
Ethyl Linalool Fresh, Floral, Muguet
Ethyl Maltol Sweet, Fruity-Caramellic-Bread Like.
Ethyl Methyl-2-Butyrate Fruity, Green, Apple Peel, Pineapple Skin.
Ethyl Phenyl Acetete Sweet Aromatic, Fruity, Honey Like, Waxy.
Ethyl Phenyl Glycidate Caremallic, Fruity, Strawberry
Ethyl Propionate Ethereal, Rum Like
Ethyl Salicylate Sweet Phenolic, Herbal, Medicinal, Wintergreen Like.
Ethyl Vanillin Sweet-Creamy, Slightly Floral-Balsamic,Vanilla Like, Cocoa.
Eucalyptol Strong, Fresh, Camphoraceous-Cineolic, Spike Lavender.
Eucalyptus Oil Fresh, Cineolic, Sweetish, Balsamic, Herbaceous.
Eugenol Spicy, Floral, Carnation ,Clove.
Evernyl Powerful Oakmoss, Woody, Phenolic.
Exaltolide Sweet, Musky, Natural Musk.
Fantesal Strong, Suggesting Of Sea Weed Or Sea Air.
Farnesol. P Very Mild, Green Floral, Lily Of Valley Character, Sweet, Juicy.
Fir Absolute Terpeny, Woody, Somewhat Balsamic.
Florazon Strong fresh air sea shore like note
Florester Winey.
Florhydral Floral Green, Floral Muguet, Fresh.
Florone ( Equi. To Florazone) Floral, Aldehydic, Ozone, Muguet.
Fluraneil Strongly Fruity, Strawberry & Pineapple Like.
Frambinon Methyl Ether Intensive Sweet, Fruity, Slightly Floral, Fruit Cocktail, Raspberry.
Freskomenthe Fresh, Cool, Mint, Agrestic, Woody.
Fructone Fruity, Apple, Fruity, Woody, Pine.
Fruitate Floral, Citrus, Grape Fruit.
Galbanum Oil Green, Aromatic, Woody, Somewhat Sulfurous Note, Herbaceous.
Galbex 183 Fresh Green, Galbanum, Floral Background.
Gama Methyl Ionone Powerful Floral, woody, Violet.
Gamma Decalactone Sweet, Lactonic, Slightly Fruity, Somewhat Reminiscent Of Coconut & Peach.
Gamma Hexalactone Powerful warm sweet harbaceous
Gardenol Fresh Green, Fruity-Floral, Somewhat Reminiscent Of Rhubarb.
Garlic Oil Diffusive, Irritating, Obnoxious Even Of Garlic Lover.
Gelaxolide Musk,Sweet, Floral, Woody.
Geraniol (Ex.Citronellaoil) Pure Rose, Sweet, Floral.
Geraniol (Ex.Palmarosa oil) Green, Leafy.
Geraniol Natural  (Ex.J.C.O.) Sweet Floral, Dry Rose, Petal Like.
Geranium Bo.Bo. Heavy, Floral, Rose Like, Woody Note.
Geranium D.B. Green, Leafy Rosy, Fruity Minty.
Geranium Oil Floral, Rose Like, Woody Note.
Geranyl Acetate Sweet, Floral Rosy, Fruity, Green.
Geranyl Butyrate Sweet, Fruity.
Geranyl Formate Dry, Green, Leafy.
Geranyl Iso Butyrate Rose, Fruity.
Geranyl Nitrile Lemony, Fresh, Oily.
Geranyl Phenyl Acetate Rose, Sweet, Honey.
Geranyl Propionate Sweet, Fruity, Balsamic.
Geranyl Tiglate Somewhat Fruity, Geranium Like.
Ginger Oil Fresh, Citrusy, Citral Note.
Grisalva Animal, Ambergris, Leather, Earthy.
Guaiac Wood Oil Woody, Somewhat Balsamic, Slightly Medicinal In Background, Rosy.
Guayl Acetate Aromatic, Slightly Phenolic Fruity, Tearose.
Gum Styrax Resinous Gummy.
Gurjam  Balsam Mild, Woody Balsamic.
Hedione Powerful Floral, Fruity, Characteristic Of Natural Jasmin Flower.
Helional Floral Green, Aldehydic Ozone.
Heliotropin Sweet floral like heliotropies
Herculin D Virtually, Odourless.
Hexanol Woody, Fruity, Pineapple, Floral.
Hexenol Trans -2 Strong fruity-green caramellic
Hexyl Acetate Sweet, Fruity, Pear Like, Green.
Hexyl Caproate Fresh Vegetable Like.
Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Aromatic Floral, Reminiscent Of Jasmin And Gardenia.
Hexyl Salicylate Mild Green, Somewhat Spicy Flowery Tenacious.
Hivertal Green, Citrus, Herbal, Aldehydic.
Hycinth Body Floral, Herbal, Green.
Hydrocarboresine Balsamic, Woody, Amber Like  & Animalic.
Hydrotropic Aldehyde Poweful, Fresh, Green Leafy Floral, Aspect Of Hyacinth.
Hydroxy Citronellal Sweet, Floral, Lily Of The Valley, Muguet.
I.C.C.H Woody, Sandal Type Sweet Note.
Indole Floral, Animallic, Jasmine Connaction.
Intereleven Aldehyde Aldehydic, Floral, Ozone, Citrus.
Ionone 100% Floral, Sweet, Warm, Violet Like With Orris And Cedarwood Note.
Ionone Alpha Soft Woody, Slightly Floral, Violet Like.
Iso Amyl Acetate Aromatic, Fruity, Slightly Burnt Sugar.
Iso Bergamote Floral, Fruity, & Woody Character.
Iso Bornyl Acetate Pine, Camphoraceous, Balsamic, Herbal.
Iso Boroneol Flakes Strong, Piney, More Like Camphor Than Borneol.
Iso Butyl Acetate Diffusive Fruity, Resembling Rum, Banana Like.
Iso Butyl Phenyl Acetate Rosy leafy honey like character
Iso Butyl Quinoline  (I.B.Q) Powerful, Earthy, Mossy, Leathery.
Iso Butyl Salicylate Winter Green Like,Sweet, Herbaceous Green, Floral, Orchid Nuances.
Iso cyclo citral Powerful fresh green leafy moderate tenacity
Iso Damascone Fruity Floral, Diffusive Tenacious, Rosy.
Iso E Super Woody, Amber Note, With "Velvet" Like Note.
Iso Eugenol Spice, Clove, Phenolic, Smoky.
Iso Propyl acetate Intense fruity apple
Isoraldeine 70 Floral, Orris, Woody, Fruity.
Jamrosa Oil Rosy, Herbaceous, Fresh Lemon Like, Citrusy & Fruity.
Jasmine Absolute Heavy, Floral, Characteristic Jasmine.
Jasmine Powder Dry,Floral, Rose Jasmine Honey Like.
Jasmintitol Sweet floral reminds of jasmine champak orange flowers.
Jasmonyl  LG Jasmine, Lactonic, Mushroom.
Jatamansi Oil Sweet Woody, Spicy Aniamalic, Somewhat Oily Medicinal.
Javanol Sandalwood Character.
Jessemal Jasmine like with natural oily character.
Juniper Berry Oil Fresh, Herbaceous, Characteristic Juniper Berry
Kapoor kachli Oil Fresh, Camphoraceous, Spicy, Woody.
Kephalis Rich, Warm, Woody-Ambery, Tobacco.
Ketone 101 Warm Woody, Aspects Of Patchouli And Vetivert Oils.
Kewda Base Sharp, Diffusive, Sweet, Green, Hyacinth.
Koavone Woody, Floral, Amber, Violet.
Kovyral  (Equi. To . Lyral) Floral, Muguet, Aldehydic , woody.
Labdanum Absolute Sweet, Balsamic, Amber, Woody,Herbaceous, Animalic.
Lactoscatone Animalic Musky Like Civet, Ambergris, Soft Nature, Floral In Dillution.
L'Ambroxine ( Ambroxan) Ambergris Like Sweet Musky.
Lavandin Pure Fresh, Herbal, Floral, Camphoraceous Note, Natural.
Lavandin Std Fresh, Herbal-Floral, Comphoraceous Note, Characteristic Lavandin.
Lavender Fresh, Sweet, Fresh-Floral, Herbaceous Camphoraceous Nature.
Lavender 50 / 52 Fresh, Floral, Woody Spicy Note In Background, Characteristic Lavender.
Lavender Absolute Sweet, Fresh, Floral, Herbal-Camphoraceous, With Balsamic Woody Background.
Leaf Acetal Natural Green Leafy, Powerful, Green Violet Note.
Leaf Alcohol Fresh, Green, Leafy.
Lemofine Strong, Diffusive, Lemony.
Lemon Grass Oil Harsh, Terpeny, Slightly Citrusy,Lemon Peel Like.
Lemon Oil Std 4 %  Citral Citrus, Lemon.
Lemon Oil  Pure Fresh, Sweet, Citrusy, Like Ripe Lemon Peel.
Lignofix Woody, Musky, Amber Like Undertone.
Lilastralis / Lysmeral / Lilial Fresh, Light, Green, Floral, Reminiscent Of Lily, Notes Of Muguet.
Lilial Floral lily lilac type
Lime Oil, Fresh, Citrusy, Characteristic Lemon, Somewhat Green Lemon Like.
Lime Oxide Fresh, Terpeny, Citrusy, Green, Lime, Agrestic.
Limonene dextro Clear Citrus odour
Linalool Fresh, Floral, Woody, Petitgrain, Bois De Rose, Bergamote Like.
Linalool Oxide Powerful, Fresh, Sweet, Woody, Floral.
Linalyl Acetate Fresh, Sweet-Floral, Reminds Of Bergamot Lavender, Cologne Like.
Linalyl Propionate Sweet, Floral, Like Muguet, Reminds Of Bergamot Pear.
Longifolene Oily, Terpenic Woody.
Longifolene Ketone Woody, Earthy, Camphoraceous.
Lyral Diffusive, Soft, Sweet, Floral, Muguet.
Mace oil Fresh warm spicy balsamic note somewhat nutmeg type
Madrox Woody, Tobacco, Amber, Warm.
Mahagonate Woody, Spicy, Vetivert, Balsamic, Patcholi.
Maltol Warm, Sweetish, Caramallic Like Baked .
Mandarin Aldehyde Intense, Citrus-Orange Character Very Tenacious.
Mandarin Oil Powerful, Fresh, Citrus.
Mapalactone Sweet, Aromatic, Fruity, Tasteful Caremallic.
Maraniol Warm sweet wallnut type.
Marjoram oil Strong sweet camphorous herbal background cardamom like
Mate Absolute Woody,Spicy, Balsamic Note.
Melolal (Equi to Melonal) Green Melon Like Note, With Fresh Ozone.
Mentha Citrata Oil Fresh, Sweet, Herbaceous , Reminds Of Lavender Bergamot.
Menthol Crystal Minty, Fresh.
Menthyl Acetate Fresh, Fruity-Minty, Slight Floral, Softer Than-Menthol.
Metaxillin Fruity, Green, Woody.
Methyl Abietate Virtually Odourless.
Methyl Alcohol Etherial somewhat metallic
Methyl Amyl ketone(Ketone C7) Spicy, Fruity, Herbaceous.
Methyl Anisate Herbaceous anise like sweetness.
Methyl Anthernilate Strong,sweet, Floral, Reminds Of Orange Blossom & Grapes.
Methyl Benzoate Aromatic, Sweet Floral With A Fruity Undertone.
Methyl Caprinate(C-10) Winey.
Methyl Caproate Pineapple, Apricot.
Methyl Caprylate(C-8) Pineapple.
Methyl Cedryl Ketone. Woody, Vertivert, Leather, musk.
Methyl Chavicol 99% Herbaceous, Like Anethole, But Less Sweet.
Methyl Cinnamate Fruity, Strawberry Like.
Methyl Eugenol Aromatic, Dry Carnation Character, With Herbal Undertone.
Methyl Heptyl Carbonate Poweful, Rather Sharp And Unpleasant, Violet.
Methyl Hexyl Ketone Oxime Fresh, Lavendar, Cucumber.
Methyl Ionone Light, Warm, Woody, Floral.
Methyl Iso Eugenol Sweet Aromatic, Spicy, Woody, Smoky, Fatty.
Methyl Lactate Leavo Faint, minty, somewhat chamomile and tobacco
Methyl Laurinate Oily, Fatty,Winey.
Methyl Oakmoss Powerful Oakmoss, Woody, Phenolic.
Methyl Octyl Carbonate Floral-Green, Violet, Leaf Like.
Methyl Pamplemousse Fresh, Citrus, Grapefruit Peel.
Methyl Para Cresol Aromatic Phenolic, Camphoraceous, Floral Ylang & Cananga Like.
Methyl Phenyl Acetate Intense Sweet, Honey, Somewhat Spicy.
Methyl Salicylate Medicinal, Phenolic, Winter Green, Sweet.
Methyl Tuberate Lactonic, Floral, Tuberose, Reminiscent Of Coconut.
Methyl Undecylenate Winey.
Methyl  Heptyl ketone(Ketone C9) Powerful, Earthy, Green.
Methylnonyl Ketone(Ketone C11) Rosy, Orris Type.
Muget Ald 50% Strong sweet floral like rosy lily muget type.
Mugetanol Light floral suggesting muget waxy natural nuance.
Muguet Alcohol Fresh Aromatic Floral, Some Aspects Of Muguet.
Muscone Dl Typical musk odour, natural tone animalic nature.
Musk Ambrette Strong Nitromusk, With Fruity (Pear Like) Note.
Musk Ketone Dry, Powdery, Nitro Musk; Somewhat Floral Fruity Connotations.
Musk Xylol Slightly Fatty Nitro Musk.
Musk-T Sweet, Classical Macrocyclic Musk With Herbal Connotations.
Myrcenyl Acetate Fresh, Floral, Slightly Fruity, Bergamot Connotation.
Myroldal ( Equiv to  Myrac Aldehyde) Citrus, Aldehydic, Floral, Ozone.
Myrrh Oil Mild, Woody, Somewhat Herbaceous & Balsamic.
Myrtle Oil Fresh, Terpeny, Herbaceous, Somewhat Floral Fruity.
Mysore Acetate Green fresh, Aromatic, Floral With Some Woody Aspects.
Mysore Sandal Core Powerful Sandalwood Odour Of Excellent Diffusivity.
Mysoriff Woody, Sandalwood.
Nagarmotha Oil. Woody, Vetiver Connotation.
Nakhla Synthetic Strong, Sharp, Reminds Of 'Nakla'(Fish Scales) & "Heena".
Naturanate Sweet, Fresh, Lavender, Floral With Woody Notes.
Naturanol Sweet, Natural, Berry Notes, Camphoraceous & Woody.
Neo Bergamate Forte Very Fresh, Floral, Reminiscent Of Bergamot And Lavender.
Neo  Folione Green, Floral, Fresh, Aldehydic, Earthy.
Nerol Sweet, Fruity-Floral, Strongly Rose Like (Natural).
Neroli Oil Heavy, Floral, Characteristic Bitter Orange Flower.
Nerolidol Floral, Citrus, Fresh, Natural.
Neroline Bromelia Sweet Aromatic, Floral, In Diluted Form Neroli-Like.
Neryl Acetate Sweet, Fruity, Floral.
Neryl Formate Refreshing Herbaceous, Green.
Nopyl Acetate Woody, Herbal With Coniferous Connotations.
Nutmeg Oil Fresh Terpine, Sweet, Warm Spicy Nature.
O.T.B.C.H Powerful, Minty, Camphoraceous, Pine Woody And Patchouli Like.
O.T.B.C.H.A Powerful, Fresh, Fruity, Woody, Apple Like Character.
Oakmoss Abs.Yougo Green Woody, Earthy, Natural Moss, Characteristic Oakmoss.
Ocimene Citrus,Lime, Fresh Terpine-Like.
Octyl Butyrate Green herbaceous reminiscent of galbanum
Okumal Woody, Ambery, Tobacco, Musky.
Oncidal Aldehydic, Floral, Fruity, Watery, Muguet, Linden Blossom.
Onion oil Strong pungent sulfuraceous.
Opoponax Oil Balsamic, Woody, Aromatic, Slightly Spicy.
Orange Oil Citrus, Floral, Orange Flower.
Orange  5 fold / 10 fold / 20 fold Fresh, Citrus, Floral, Characteristic Sweet Orange Peel.
Oranger Crystals Sweet, Floral Fruity, Orange Blossom  Powdery, Neroli.
Orris root Oil/Concrete Mild ,Woody, Orris-Rooty, Balsamic Apsect.
Osyrol Woody- sandal like with floral sweetness.
Ozonil Strong fruity reminds of orange mandarin
Palma Rosa Oil ( Motia) Typical Sweet, Terpine, Grassy Top-Note, Floral-Rosy.
Palma Rosa Oil (Sophia) Sweet Floral, Rose & Geranium-Like, Herbal Aspects, Tea & Clary Sage Notes.
Para Cresol (Colourless) Floral, Aromatic, Animal, Slightly Phenolic Note.
Para Cresyl Acetate Strong ,Floral, Somewhat Harsh Heavy Nature.
Para Cresyl Butyl Ether Sharp, Sweet.
Para Cresyl Ethyl Ether Sharp, Sweet.
Para Cresyl Methyl Ether Pungent, Sharp, Sweet.
Para Crystal Phenyl Acetate Pungent, Narcissus type.
Para Methyl Quinoline Leather, Powerful Civet, Tobacco, Earthy & Leathery Note.
Para tertiary butyl acetophenone Powerful sweet balsamic floral slight herbaceous.
Para tertiary butyl Cyclohexanol Dry woody camphoraceous tarry leather like.
Para tertiary butyl Cyclohexyl acetate Woody-floral fruity suggestion balsamic undertone orris type
Para totyl acetaldehyde Strong fruity green forestlike sweet floral reminds of almond.
Para totyl aldehyde Warm spicy floral benzaldehyde type but more floral.
Paraxonal Floral like lily fruity anise basil like.
Patchouli  Oil (Std) Woody, Balsamic, Patchouli Connotation.
Patchouli  Pure Warm, Woody, Sweet, Spicy, Earthy, Balsamic.
Peppermint Oil Fresh, Grassy Minty, Balsamic, Herbaceous Base.
Petitgrain Oil Std Fresh, Floral, Citrusy, Linalyl Acetate Note.
Phantolid Sweet musky floral.
Phenoxanol Diffusive, Floral, Rosy,Tenacious.
Phenoxy Ethyl Iso Butyrate Sweet Aromatic, Floral Fruity, Camomile And Rose Connotation.
Phenyl Acetal Aldehyde 50/85/100% Strong, Penetrating, Green, Floral Hycinth Like.
Phenyl Acetic Acid Dry,Floral, Rose Jasmine Honey Like.
Phenyl Ethyl Acetate Sweet, Floral, Fruity, Honey, Rose Like.
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol Sweet, Rosy, Fresh, Floral, Strongly Reminiscent Of Rose.
Phenyl Ethyl Benzoate Mild Sweet Aromatic, Somewhat Fruity, Rose, Honey.
Phenyl Ethyl Butyrate Sweet, Fruity, Floral, Musty With A Slight Yeastly Nuance.
Phenyl Ethyl Cinnamate Sweet, Pleasant, Balsamic.
Phenyl Ethyl Formate Powerful Green, Herbaceous.
Phenyl Ethyl Iso Amyl Ether Powerful, Earthy, Green.
Phenyl Ethyl Iso Butyrate Mildly Sweet, Like Honey, Fruity, Choclate Nuance.
Phenyl Ethyl Methyl Eather 99% Green, Fresh, Etheral Floral, Rose and Jasmin Like.
Phenyl Ethyl Propionate Sweet Aromatic, Mild Balsamic, Floral Like.
Phenyl Ethyl Salicylate Medicinal, Balsamic, Slightly Fruity Floral.
Phenyl Ethyl Tiglet Herbaceous, Rose, Leafy, Green.
Phenyl Propyl Alcohol Sweet, Floral, Balsamic, Hycinth Connotations.
Phenyl Propyl Aldehyde. Green, Floral, Slightly Balsamic, Herbaceous Undertone.
Pimento Berry oil Aromatic, Spicy, Eugenol Connotation.
Polysantol A Rich And Diffusive Woody Sandalwood.
Pommerol Powerful, Earthy, Green.
Propenyl Glycol Faint Characterstic Chemical Odour.
Raspberry Ketone Soft, Sweet, Fruity, Raspberry Like.
Resinoid Balsum Peru Balsamic, Sweet, Spicy, Vanilla.
Resinoid Balsum Tolu Balsamic, Woody, Somewhat Phenolic.
Resinoid Benzoin- Sweet, Balsamic, Aromatic Note.
Resinoid Castoreum (Pure) Strongly Animal Like, Phenolic, Medicinal, Erogenic Musky Note.
Resinoid Elemi Fresh, Citrus, Lemon Like, Woody, Balsamic Undertone.
Resinoid Galbanum Green, Balsamic-Woody, Sulfurous Note.
Resinoid Guggal Sweet, Dry , Balsamic, Medicinal, Diffusive.
Resinoid Labdanum Balsamic, Woody, Herbaceous.
Resinoid Labdanum Green Balsamic, Woody, Herbaceous, Animallic With Green Note.
Resinoid mastic Fresh balsamic woody somewhat bitter resinous vague resin.
Resinoid Myrrh Mild, Balsamic, Woody, Somewhat Herbaceous-Spicy.
Resinoid Oakmoss Aromatic, Mossy, Characteristic Oakmoss.
Resinoid Olibanum Balsamic, Woody, Aromatic, Somewhat Erogenic Note.
Resinoid Opoponax Warm, Spicy, Balsamic, Reminds Of Myrrh.
Resinoid Styrax Sweet Balsamic, Aromatic, Slightly Styrene Note.
Rhodinol Sweet, Floral-rosy, Geranium Like.
Rhodinol (Ex.Geranium oil) Extra Sweet, Diffusive.
Rhodinyl Acetate Extra Sharp, Sweet.
Rhodinyl Butyrate Intense, Sweet.
Rhondarum Balsamic, Sweet, Fixative.
Romaryl-R Lavender Notes , Rosemary & Herbal
Rosalva Fresh, Floral, Dewy Rose Note With Waxy "Aldehyde" Character.
Rose Abs Colourless Rich ,Warm, Spicy, Floral, Deep Rosy
Rose Crystal Heavy Floral, Powdery Rose.
Rose De Mai Sweet, Rosy, Tobacco Note.
Rose Glycol Green, Floral.
Rose Morocco Abs Heavy Floral, Characteristic Rose.
Rose oil Floral, Rosy,Like Basketful Of Rose Flowers.
Rose oil Bulgarian Floral deep rich like basketful of rose flowers.
Rose Oxide L Fresh, Natural Floral, Strongly Reminiscent Of Rose Flowers.
Rose Oxide  (Inactive) Floral, Rosy, Fresh, Geranium, Green
Rosemary Oil Strong ,Fresh, Woody, Herbaceous, Balsamic,camphoraceous.
Safranal Strongly Herbal-Spicy, Somewhat Floral, Reminiscent Of Crocus Flower, Typical Of Saffron.
Sandal Mysore Core Powerful Sandalwood Character.
Sandalwood Oil Woody, Somewhat Sandalwood Character.
Sandella Strong And Powerful Sandalwood.
Sandranol Powerful True Sandalwood Note.
Santalol Sweet soft woody typical of sandalwood.
Skatole Almost Faceal, Sweet- Warm, Floral Jasmin Like.
Spearmint Oil Fresh, Herbaceous, Characteristic L-Carvone Connotations.
Stemone Green, Fresh, Herbaceous, Citrusy, Lemon Like Note.
Strawberiff Dry-Fruity, Strawberry Like.
Styrallyl Acetate Fruity Green, Metallic Radiant.
Styrax Oil Balsamic, Slightly Grassy.
Supersantol  ( Poly  Santol ) Powerful Sandalwood Character.
T.H.P.M.Q Aromatic, Erogenic, Slightly Heavy Floral, Powerful, Animalic, Civet Like.
Tea tree Oil Terpeny, Coniferous, Somewhat Minty Camphoraceous.
Terpened- 4-0L Fresh, Herbal, Somewhat Peppery Note.
Terpineol Fresh , Soft Sweet, Lilac, Inferior Grades Have Piney Odour.
Terpinyl Acetate Sweet Herbaceous Floral With Lavender Nuances.
Tetrahydro Linalool Some Of The Qualities Of Linalool, But Fresher, More Tart And Substantially More Intense.
Thymol Herbal, Spicy, Aromatic, Medicinal, Characteristic Thyme.
Timberol Diffusive, Woody, With Aspects Of Sandalwood.
Timbertouch Diffusive, Woody, With Aspects Of Sandalwood.
Timbrox 10 Woody, Ambery, Ambroxan Type Note.
Tobacarol Mild Woody, Somewhat Balsamic.
Tonolid Strong And Persistent Nitro Free Musk.
Treemoss Absolute Natural Mossy Aromatic, Somewhat Erogenic, Phenolic.
Triacetin Virtually, Odourless, Clean Creamy ,softy slightly fruity.
Tridecen-2 Nitrile Strong-Fruity, Reminds Of Orange Mandarin.
Triethyl Citrate Virtually Odourless, Mild Fruity.
Trigustral / Triplal Strong, Green, Citrus, Refreshing Lemon Like.
Trimofix O Woody, Ambergris, Musk, Vetivert.
Tuberose Absolute Sweet Aromatic Floral, Characteristic Tuberose.
Vanillin Intensive Sweet, Tenacious Creamy, Characteristic Vanilla Aroma.
Verdox Powerful, Fresh, Fruity, Woody, Apple-Like Character.
Verotyl Leafy-Green, Floral (Hyacint, Nasturtium, And Lilac Like).
Vert De Jasmine Floral Sweetness, Fatty Oily Herbal Nature, Lighter.
Vertofix Core A Warm Precious Wood Aroma With Musky, Amber Like Undertone.
Vertral Green, Slightly Floral, Diffusive.
Veticone Rooty, Vetiver Like With A  Nuance Of Gardenia.
Vetikol Acetate Mild Woody, Fruity (Rhubarb), Balsamic Aspects Of Tolu Balsam And Labdanum.
Vetival Mild Woody, Somewhat Vetiveryl Acetate-Like.
Vetiver Oil Woody, Balsamic, Somewhat Erogenic.
Vetiver Steam Khas, Woody, Harsh & Sweet Note.
Vetiverol Warm, Sweet, Earthy, Rooty, Balsamic.
Vetiveryl Acetate Strongly Woody, Characteristic Vetivert.
Vetynal Extra Woody, Earthy, Dry.
Violet Paste Mainly, Woody Resinous
Wadia BM Rosy, Tuberose, and Tobacco Note.
Wadia Crystal Harsh, Rosy, Mint, Woody Character And Reminicent Of Vetivert.
Woodysol Woody, Ambery, Khas, Mint Note.
Woodytol Woody Character.
Yara Yara Sweet Aromatic, Floral, On Dilution Reminiscent Of Orange Flower.
Ylang Ylang Bourbon Rich, sweet, and intensity floral , jasmine absolute character.
Ylang Ylang II Rich, Sweet, & Intensity floral
Ylang Ylang Sweet Floral, Jasmine Like But Heavier & Sweeter, Differs As Per Grades.
Ysamber K Woody, ambery, powerful